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There is no one playbook for success. Depending on your journey as an entrepreneur – whether you’re at the beginning, been around the block or maybe even a future founder – we have many touchpoints to connect you with what you need to succeed.

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Our non-equity micro-fund to help get your idea off the ground, plus local support and a global network for founders. Pitch us your dream.

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Gain access to exclusive opportunities to meet investors and gain visibility within our worldwide investor network.

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We are constantly hosting events, whether topic-specific or pure networking, there’s always an opportunity to meet peers and grow your network.

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Our curated catalog of masterclasses from the best entrepreneurs and experts gives you deep insights into running your business.

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We have content, personal strategic advice and a trusted partner network for helping you grow your business globally from Berlin

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You’re on a journey.

We want to be a part of it and support you from the first step to every milestone along the way. You may evolve from a jobseeker to a founder to an investor.

Haus is our community bringing Silicon Allee’s network together under one roof. It’s designed for you to plug in at any stage, get access to our community, content, mentorship and events… and eventually give back yourself.


It’s not cheap rent, nightlife or döner kebabs. Diversity is the #1 reason for Berlin’s success. 

We have a special place in our hearts for international entrepreneurs. It takes a big leap of faith to start a company, but it’s even more of a challenge to do it in a foreign country.

All nationalities and backgrounds are welcome at Silicon Allee. We take special care to provide information and events tailored to the needs of entrepreneurs with roots outside of Germany.

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