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We help founders build businesses that solve tomorrow’s problems. 🌍

Germany has gone all-in on deep tech, and so have we. Technology like AI and Quantum Computing will shape the future of the European economy.

Check out our new-gen accelerator program for deep tech & AI startups, in partnership with one of Germany’s biggest research organizations; Fraunhofer’s Heinrich Hertz Institute.


Our program

Accelerating deep tech & AI startups 🚀

You’ve already formed your dream team, built an MVP and maybe even raised a little funding. We’re here to take your startup to the next level. We help refine your business model, securing funding, and drive market disruption. Benefit from both Silicon Allee and Fraunhofer HHI’s resources, expertise, and connections for success.

Applications now open!

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Here’s the Breakdown:
Our full-time program runs for 1 year, extendable to 2 years.

Accelerate your growth Refine your business model, secure funding, and maximize your growth potential.

Sleek workspace A stylish office space for you and your crew, just a stone’s throw from Tiergarten.

Financial support An average of €500k in non-cash investment, including salaries for your team for up to 2 years.

Founders’ ownership Maintain 100% control of your company, with Fraunhofer taking a minimal virtual share (10-20%).

Expert mentorship Gain access to our treasure trove of seasoned advisors and industry experts.

Network & community  Be part of our supportive community in Berlin and beyond. Connect and collaborate with amazing people.

Cutting-edge tech Lasers, supercomputers, and robot dogs! If you crave nerdy toys, we’ve got you covered—or we can build them! 🤖

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Robots? Lasers? Teleportation? We’re not kidding.

Thanks to Fraunhofer HHI, we have a ton of cutting-edge tech in-house, we’re looking for the next generation of entrepreneurs to build startups using it:


Generative AI, machine learning, robotics.

Think AI-personalized cancer treatment, robots for home care, AI-optimized energy grids.

Video & Imaging

VR, AR, 3D, 4D, sensors, streaming, biometrics.

Think smart glasses for language translation, drone delivery with obstacle detection, VR training simulations, thermal imaging to detect wildlife poachers.


Wireless communications like 5G, 6G, even drones.

Think autonomous vehicles, earth-to-space energy transmission, haptic feedback gloves for remote surgery, immediate disaster relief communication systems.

Photonics (Light)

Using lasers, fiber-optics, quantum components, batteries

Think ultra-secure data transmission, photonic computer components, EV battery monitoring and up-cycling, advanced LiDAR systems for faster autonomous vehicles.

…other moonshot ideas 🔭

Don’t feel limited by these categories. If you’re building something truly groundbreaking we’d still love to hear about it.

We specifically love these industry verticals:

Energy, climate, healthcare, agriculture, education, urban tech, B2B services, and any sector ripe for disruption with these technologies.

Our portfolio

Since 2011, our mission has been to bring passionate people together to help them build awesome businesses.

From 2019 to 2023 we supported 25 impact-focused businesses, and over 60 founders grow from an idea to launch through our Berlin Founders Fund. With the support of the non-equity funding and the daily advice from our network. They have raised over €50M to date.



Upcoming events

[Tuesday] June 4th, 9 - 11am

Monthly Meet Up – June edition

The Monthly Meetup is the longest running tech & startup community event in Berlin - connecting founders, mentors, investors, innovators and change makers. A space to share your ideas, needs and advice with fellow founders, mentors, investors and experts.

[Wednesday] June 5, 6 - 9pm

Deep Tech Night – TOA special

We're putting a spin on our monthly pitch event, Deep Tech Night, in this TOA edition. Per regular programming, we have 5 deep-tech startups pitching as well as a networking session. The spin is 🥁
We are having an exciting special keynote speaker delivering a DEEP Talk; TED Talk Style!

[Tuesday] July 2nd, 9 - 11am

Monthly Meet Up – July edition

The Monthly Meetup is the longest running tech & startup community event in Berlin - connecting founders, mentors, investors, innovators and change makers. Join us to share your ideas, needs and advice with fellow founders, mentors, investors and experts. Sign up to our Newsletter to be notified when July tickets go live!

[Thursday] July 25th 5pm - 8pm

Deep Tech Night – July edition

Dive into an exciting showcase of deep tech startups and connect with the community in our new event series. 🎤 Witness a stellar lineup of 4 startups pitch their freshest ideas to our jury of VCs. Be the first to meet our startups before they’re even on the market. Sign to our newsletter to be notified when July tickets go live!

Last Thursday of every month

🎤 Apply to Pitch

Do you have a Deep Tech or AI startup? Pitch at one of our Deep Tech Nights in front of a live audience of hundreds of peers, experts and investors in the tech space, and hear from a jury of deep tech investors.

5 mins pitch / 5 min Q&A

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