Our network is your network – to help you find jobs, co-founders, apartments, office spaces, and stay up-to-date on tech news and advice.

Our Team

Travis Todd

Co-Founder and Managing Director

Florin-Catalin Chici

Operations Director

Florian Rosendahl

Team Administrator

Kadi-Ingrid Lilles

BFF Manager

Sophie Webber

Product Lead

Vitória Dias

Events & Community Lead

Grace Williams

Marketing & Communications Lead

Rahel Zoebeli

Campus Manager

Schuyler Deerman

Co-Founder of Silicon Allee

Jeremy Bamberg

Advisor, Co-Founder of Factory.com

Simon Schäfer

Advisor, Founder of Factory.com

What we do

Content Partnerships

We write engaging articles on tech, leveraging our network to promote them on all of our channels. Check out examples of our work with London & Partners and Sifted.

Event Production

We have a track record of producing amazing events, both online and offline. We offer full creative concept, marketing and event production or simply rent one of our beautiful spaces for your next event.


Looking to expand your business to Germany or connect your startup to new markets? We’re here to help! We’ve worked with companies from Asia, the US and Europe to move to Berlin.

Startup Funding

Our Berlin Founders Fund provides equity-free funding for early stage founders to start in Berlin. We also match later-stage founders to our VC/Angel network.

Studio Apartments & Office Rentals

Whether on our campus or in our neighborhood, we’re connected to great offices and living spaces for Berlin’s innovation economy.

Trend Reports

Silicon Allee has been instrumental in helping public and private businesses learn more about the Berlin ecosystem. We can produce custom reports based on research, internal data or personal interviews.

Tours & Delegations

Whether it be an inspirational visit to our campus or an in depth delegation to Berlin, tours are our specialty.


We have worked with
Our story 

Silicon Allee’s mission has always been to connect Berlin’s tech community with the rest of the world.

We have consulted companies moving to Berlin, developed incredible partnerships, and produced internationally renowned events in the city. We like to think of ourselves as the unofficial welcoming committee for Berlin’s newest entrepreneurs and tech employees.

The Beginning

Silicon Allee was started in 2011 by entrepreneurs Schuyler Deerman, David Knight and Travis Todd. Inspired by their upbringing in the US and time spent in San Francisco, they set out to build a startup community in Berlin with meetups, events and an English-language blog.

Silicon Allee Summer Party 2012

Our Growth

In 2016, Silicon Allee joined Factory to build a working, living, and event space for our vibrant startup community in the center of Berlin. We opened the campus in January of 2017, with a stellar group of international and local technology companies in residence.

Silicon Allee Block Party 2019
Refugee Hackathon 2015

Connecting Community

At the end of 2019 we launched the Berlin Founders Fund, an equity-free fund for early-stage founders. We invest money, time, and our network into founders with great ideas, but we don’t charge for it. The goal is to extend each startup’s runway and help founders raise their first real investment round.

BFF Dinner Party 2020

Please get in contact with us, so we can help connect you with Berlin’s international tech cluster. We look forward to hearing from you!