The Berlin Founders Fund

Equity-free capital,
local support and a
global network for
early stage founders.

For Founders, by Founders.

Our Terms Are Simple.

Each year we provide 15 founders with a €24,000 check, taking no equity and giving you the freedom to develop your idea over the course of a one-year residency in Berlin. We're here to extend your startup's runway. We do not micro manage. Our goal is to connect you with our kick ass network of founders, venture capitalists and supporters as well as remove your early stage hurdles.

Equity Taken
Euros per Month
Founders per Year
Month Residency

Meet our BFFs

A network of Europe's top founders and investors

We have gathered a qualified group of friends and partners to support early stage founders in-person. Our BFF founders get to meet world-class advisors face-to-face but everyone is invited to join our open events and have access to founders of companies like EyeEm, SoundCloud, Skype, Wetransfer, WestTech Ventures, Project A Ventures, Techstars, Prezi, AngelList, Positive and more.

Our current portfolio

Join us in Berlin

We've got everything you need to launch and grow your business

Living Space

The Silicon Allee Campus has 14 beautifully-furnished apartments to rent to entrepreneurs new to Berlin. They are available on a first come first served basis.

Work Space

Our campus hosts some of Berlin’s most notable VCs, startups and tech companies. Take advantage of workspace here or we’ll get you a deal to work from one of our partner coworking spaces around the city.


Join and listen to renowned Berlin founders who have faced the same struggles you are facing. We host regular workshops and organize 1-on-1 sessions with portfolio companies.


From large-scale fireside chats with industry titans to more intimate private dinners, we want to bring valuable activities to our funded founders and encourage them to make the right connections. We have a long history in building quality Berlin event series.

Free Legal Help

As an early stage founder you need the right support when it comes to incorporating, shareholder structure, IP and other topics to make your startup investment ready. We offer free legal support and the right contacts to get you sorted here in Berlin.

Soft Landing

Over the years Berlin has become one of the most renowned startup hubs in the world. It’s increasingly difficult to get grounded here and plug into the right network. We’ve set up the right resources and team to ensure you have a soft landing.

Welcome to the Neighborhood

Silicon Allee has been supporting Berlin's founders since 2011


Meetups, Fireside Chats, Startup Pitches

Our events schedule is jam-packed. Join meetups, fireside chats and startup pitches to expand your network.


Welcome to Berlin

Berlin is a hotbed of startups, music, nightlife, and unexpected creativity of all kinds and our campus is at the center of it.


Get a Head Start in Berlin

We actively try to connect our members to the resources they need to get started in Berlin, whether that's getting a visa, finding a job or landing some investment.


Founders, Investors, Technologists

Our network is made up of some of the most successful founders, investors and supporters in Berlin and abroad.


Connect, Co-found, Party

We are constantly hosting and sourcing the highest-quality networking events for our community.


Workspace, Coliving, Events

Live in our furnished apartments, work on our campus or take meetings in our coffee bar. We've got plenty of space for you.

Frequently Asked Questions


What exactly does equity-free investment mean?

It means we provide funding but do not take any equity in exchange. We provide founders 2,000€ per month for up to one year.

Sounds interesting. How do I apply?

We try to keep the application process short and sweet. Apply here. Be sure to include a pitch deck. We encourage you to submit your application in English, as many of our reviewers, mentors and community only speak English.

I have a cofounder. Can we both apply for funding?

Yes. We will fund up to three cofounders through our funding, but reserve the right to only choose just one founder if necessary. Please only submit one application per team, though.

Who is your ideal candidate? What are you looking for?

We’re looking for early stage founders who are not funded but might be already speaking to potential angel investors. They likely have an early MVP and need financial support to focus on their idea full time. Founders should be looking to grow their business internationally but be based in Berlin.

What is the selection process?

Our team reviews each application individually and will follow-up with any potential questions or feedback. We like to invite short-listed candidates for a 1-on-1 meeting to try and understand a bit more about the founder and their startup.

I’m very interested. Do you have any tips for applying?

Be present. We host lots of open events related to BFF and additional activities on campus. The best way to let the team know you’re a great candidate is to be more involved in our day to day operations here on site. Our monthly meetup is a great place to start, for example.

What is the time commitment?

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we know you don’t need a babysitter. Each month, we bring in world-class speakers for you to hear from and connect with. We do organize additional social and educational activities that may be valuable for you, but allow you to decide if you would like to join or not. The funding lasts for up to one year, and we expect you to remain in Berlin for an additional two years after this.

I am not from Europe, can I apply for funding?

Yes, this isn’t a problem. The main requirement however is that you move to Berlin, but our team can support you with this should you be selected.

I’ve raised a financing round for my startup, can I still apply?

It depends. Be sure to clarify why you need this funding to support your living costs in addition to the financing that you have raised. Our goal is to support founders who cannot work full time on their ideas.

I’m currently fully employed and working on my idea as a side project. Can I still apply?

You can apply, but you must quit your job if you would be accepted by us. Founders who receive funding must be focused full time on building their startup.

Does BFF provide support with Visas?

Yes. Our team will work closely with you to get a work visa should you be accepted.

About BFF

Who is behind this?

We are the team behind Silicon Allee. Our founders are experienced entrepreneurs who have been supporting the Berlin and European startup ecosystem for over a decade. The rest of our team has a depth of experience in community and event management and are here to ensure that your setup in Berlin is smooth and hassle free and you make the right connections to hone your business.

How is BFF financed?

The Berlin Founders Fund is financed through the European Social Fund and the State of Berlin. These are our first “LPs”. We launched BFF in this constellation to bring more jobs to Berlin and support the foundation of more startups.

Where is BFF based?

BFF is based in the Silicon Allee Campus, at the heart of the Berlin tech scene. You can often find us downstairs in our coffee shop R/D.

Who should I contact if I have more questions?

Feel free to contact should you have any additional questions.

BFF is funded by the European Union (European Social Fund) and the State of Berlin.

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