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Silicon Allee has been the landing pad for Berlin’s startup and tech ecosystem over the past decade.

Our community channels are a way to connect the tech and startup community of Berlin. We value these connections as they are a way to share knowledge and expand your network.

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Slack Channels

Each channel has a different purpose. Below you’ll find the list and the description of each one. As a starting point I’d encourage you to join the channel and introduce yourself in the #Intros channel so we can get to know each other better. 🙂

Important: we ask our members not to use the community space as a sales channel. We value our space to create connections between people and help each other to grow by sharing knowledge and information.

Please check our slack guideline to keep the quality of our community and use wisely the channels according its purpose! Let’s continue our conversation there. See you online 😉

Hello! Tell us about you. Use this channel to introduce yourself and get connect to the Silicon Allee community! Welcome to the Haus!

#02_berlin_ecosystem (the main channel)
Channel dedicated to share news and to discussion relevant topics about the Berlin’s tech and innovative ecosystem and its worldwide connections.

The channel where everyone can ask questions that the community can help with. What do you need help with? #givefirst #giveback

Channel for founders looking for co-founder or talents to join their team. If you looking for join a startup too, describe your expertise here 😉

Channel to announce events, send reminders and any other updates about events.

Channel with alerts from Silicon Allee social media channels.

A place for non-work banter, links, articles of interest, humor or anything else which you’d like concentrated in some place other than work-related channels.


Community Guidelines

Here are some rules regarding our Slack community page. These rules are intended to keep our users safe and to ensure we have quality content inside our community. If you notice a member that is not following the rules of engagement or putting other members in danger, report their accounts immediately.

    1. Do not sell your products on these pages
      These channels are a way to connect the tech and startup community in Berlin and around the world. We believe in connecting people to share knowledge and information to help each other to grow. We ask you to not use the channel to direct sales promotion. If there is a specific interest in your product/service it will come naturally in a conversation.
    2. Post clear and honest information
      Content that is false or misleading can put our users and society at whole at harm. Do not share content from untrustworthy sources.
    3. Be respectful of others
      Disagreements happen, but repetitive negative comments can easily turn into harassment. Keep your content professional and respectful.
    4. Do not post anything that degrades, threatens users, or promotes hate speech
      Silicon Allee has a zero tolerance policy towards any bullying based off race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disabilities, or other protected classifications. You will be reported and your post will be taken down.
    5. Use caution when posting personal information
      Silicon Allee works hard to keep our community pages safe for our users. But, you should still proceed with caution when posting. Do not include any personal information you wouldn’t want the community to know. Emails and work phone numbers are fine.
    6. Do not post content that invades other’s privacy
      Do not include someone’s private information like contact info without getting their permission beforehand. 

You can help us to make our community even stronger and well connect inviting others founders and members that belongs to Berlin’s innovative community.

Alone we go fast, but together we go further!

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