A transatlantic investor network connecting the US and Berlin

Opening the gates of Berlin.

Skytrain is a community of LPs, GPs, family offices, angels, syndicate leads, serial entrepreneurs, emerging fund managers and operators who are passionate about Berlin. Through regular events, knowledge exchange and content we’re making it easier for the next generation of Berlin fund managers to get started and giving LPs and co-investors access to a booming market which consistently out-returns US venture capital.

Backed by Silicon Allee and the Berlin Business Office, USA, Skytrain’s ultimate aim is to bring more US LP investment into Berlin-based venture funds. It is our goal to foster collaboration and investment across the Atlantic as the Berlin startup scene continues to grow.



Unicorns in Germany


Percent annual increase in German
startup investment


Investment rounds
raising $100m+


Million euros flowed into
German startups

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Trusted Transatlantic Community Builders

Skytrain is a partnership between Silicon Allee and the Berlin Business Office, USA, based in New York City.

Silicon Allee was founded by Schuyler Deerman and Travis Todd, two American-born entrepreneurs, who are now investing back into the ecosystem. Silicon Allee has a 10+ year track record of creating networks between Berlin and the US, as well as between German and international entrepreneurs and companies. Silicon Allee also invests in, mentors and supports first-time entrepreneurs through their Berlin Founders Fund, providing a unique touchpoint for investors to access early-stage deal flow from Berlin.

The Berlin Business Office, USA is the first foreign office of the City of Berlin’s Senate Department of  Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises, opened in New York City in 2020. Led by a team of entrepreneurs and experts in international business, they are a vital long-term partner for helping companies grow between the US and Berlin.

With our combined focus and track record in investing in early-stage entrepreneurship and supporting transatlantic business, we are excited to continue building bridges between the US and Germany.


Why Berlin?

We Love Berlin! But don’t take our word for it, look at the data! We’ve put together a living document report of how Berlin compares as an innovation ecosystem within Germany, and to the EU and the US.

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Skytrain is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) in collaboration with the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises.

Dieses Vorhaben wurde als Teil der Reaktion der Union auf die Covid-19-Pandemie finanziert.