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Meet Brad Bender

Brad founded the Google Display Network and grew it into a multi-billion dollar business. He has 25+ years experience working at Google and DoubleClick, most recently as VP of Product Management. He created the vision/strategy, acquiring resources, executing the plan, and ultimately delivering a successful go-to-market.

Brad can support and guide you in:

Product Strategy • Product Growth • Commercialization Strategy • Management

A note from Brad, “I would look to tailor our sessions to what is important to you. Questions about how to best leverage product thinking – from emerging ideation through to go-to-market challenges – to best practices from startups to scaled companies is something I’d be happy to connect about”.


Meet Christine Mohan

Christine was previously CMO at Web3 Foundation (helped launch Polkadot) and in various media companies WSJ and NYT. She’s super insightful on sales, marketing and media and is now very into Web3, providing great advice on integrating web3 into businesses, selling a web3 company to customers, etc. She has extensive experience in launching blockchain, emerging tech and digital media companies. Named “8 People in Tech You Need to Follow” by HackerNoon.

Christine can support and guide you in:

Sales • Marketing • Media •. Web3


Meet Ed Shelley

Ed is a product-focused generalist with a background in Computer Science and over 10 years of experience in B2B SaaS, specialising in monetisation, pricing and freemium business models. Ed is currently Head of Revenue at Pitch, the first complete presentation platform for teams, where he develops the pricing model and leads teams focused around monetisation and billing.

Ed can support and guide you in:

Pricing • Monetization • Product • B2B Saas Freemium Business Model

A note from Ed, “I’m looking forward to working with B2B SaaS startups looking for guidance on pricing and monetization. I’m here to help from ideation to strategization and execution”.


Meet Satya Krishnaswamy

Satya just moved to Berlin after 17 years in Silicon Valley. He was previously at Adobe and SAP, he also founded NextPrinciples and led it from start to exit through two rounds of funding. His passion is to help transform and scale businesses by combining my experience of working in startups as well as large organizations with my expertise in product management, technology, design thinking and sales.

Satya can support and guide you in:

Product • Design thinking  • Content Management • Technical knowledge  (Java, Python, JS, Angular, NoSQL, SQL)

A note from Satya, “I’m excited to mentor for Haus and help founders transform and scale their startups by combining my expertise in product management, technology, design thinking and sales”.


Meet Benjamin Mateev

Ben was Lead Developer at Wunderlist, then at Microsoft after their acquisition. He has the rare talent of technical developer turned ceo/co-founder. He’s very into impact companies and can provide advice on scaling a tech team, fundraising and making life decisions about becoming a founder.

Ben can support and guide you in: Product • Fundraising • Team Building

A note from Ben, “I’m excited to join the Haus community as a mentor and support founders by being their sounding board for all questions about starting a company, building digital products and helping them achieve their goals and vision”.


Meet Nadine Müller

Nadine was the ex Strategy Director at RGA and is currently Director of Strategy at Anomoly (who did the brand design of MAYD). She is also cofounder of OhYouWomen and an Advisor for Klim and Founderland. Nadine can help founders to accelerate their idea and unlock business success by unleashing brand impact.

Nadine can support and guide you in:

Brand Strategy • Brand Comms • Comms Strategy •. Cultural Strategy • Creative Strategy

A note from Nadine, “Start-ups will walk away from my session with an understanding of how brand impact successfully fuels business impact and will walk away with tools and ways of working of how to successfully get there”.


Meet Stefan Petzinger

Stefan is a marketing/growth professional with 20+ years success in tech companies and creative agencies. He is a C-level operator experienced in rapid scaling of businesses either in-market or through market expansion. He has been CMO at various big tech companies, consultant for Trade Republik, PlusDental and Drivekyteat, and SVP of Marketing at Kayak, and Tourlane. Stefan is super knowledgable about marketing and scaling & leading marketing teams.

Stefan can support and guide you in:

Marketing/Growth • Roadmapping • Brand Positioning/Building • Investor Management

A note from Stefan, “I really enjoy mentoring early-stage startups by helping them focus on what really matters, preventing them from making mistakes that were already made elsewhere and giving them access to my network of investors and trusted partners.”.


Meet Marta Fogel

Marta is a strategically-minded growth and marketing expert, a data-driven & hands-on marketing leader with a proven track record of successfully scaling digital products and services. She’s also a regular keynote speaker & moderator. She’s also leading the Marketing team at Slavefreetrade International and is passionate about innovation and social impact.

Marta can support and guide you in:

Performance Marketing • Branding • User Acquisition •. Retention/CRM 

A note from Marta, “Anyone who sets up a session with me will walk away with actionable insights regarding their marketing roadmap as well as macro perspective on their growth strategy and product”.


Meet Daniel Steffen

Daniel is Senior Investment Manager with seed&speed Ventures, an early stage B2B software VC. Prior to seed & speed he worked at IBB Ventures and was the M&A advisory of EY. He has almost 10 years experience in looking at deal flow from health tech, such as digital health, software and medtech. He can help with questions around market entry, product strategy, usage KPI but also regulatory aspects. As well as provide guidance in areas such as supply chain, digital transformation (esp. of old economy) and cybersecurity. Since he invests from Pre Seed to Series A, he can give feedback an investment readiness (product, usage, team, sales, KPI etc.) throughout these stages.

Daniel can support and guide you in:

Investment Market Entry Product Strategy • Digital Transformation 

A note from Daniel, “I’m excited to mentor for Haus and help founders with their fundraising strategy and with feedback to their investment story”.


Meet Emmi Meurling

Emmi is an empathetic product leader passionate about building happy and performing teams by providing clarity, vision and strategy and by understanding each individual’s motivations and strengths. She has experience from e-commerce hyper growth multinational scale-ups as well as building her own start-up. She has 12+ years experience in product, from Product Manager to Product Leader and she consults smaller companies and start-ups alongside her job.

Emmi can support and guide you in:

Product Strategy/Vision • Team Structure • Customer centricity •. Community Building

A note from Emmi, “Start-ups will walk away from my session hands on methods, frameworks and tips customised to the startup’s needs in order to kick-start the building of a great product and thriving product team”.


Meet Matt Bunting

Matt is Communications Strategy Director at Anomaly and has a passion for solving clients business problems through communications. He wants to start seeing communications strategy and strategic thinking drive impact in companies at the very start. He has helped brands and businesses big and small, from the charity and non-profit sector to multinational FMCG conglomerates.

Matt can support and guide you in:

Brand Strategy • Brand Communications • Comms Strategy 


Meet Arielle Kilroy

Arielle specializes in innovation for new and established companies that have found themselves stuck in processes and patterns that are no longer working. She has worked with OK Go and Amanda Palmer to build and monetize their talent as digital-led artists. She led the product department at Sierra Club, tackling the online presence of their magazine to campaign tools. She had a stint on Mozilla‘s Open Innovation team and then joined Small Improvements as CPO and then cofounded Dado, to further innovate HRtech and the future of work.

Arielle can support and guide you in:

Product Management• Early-stage Testing/Validation • Early Stage Biz Strategy •. Monetization