We believe institutions are catalysts of innovation.



Fuelled by our passion for progress, we’re all about igniting change. Let’s team up to unlock entrepreneurial talent, inspire emerging ventures, and bring digital transformation to institutions.

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At the epicenter of every successful startup lies an extraordinary founder.

Our journey is all about building, inspiring, and fueling the fire.

With two successful funds behind us, we’ve cultivated a dynamic startup ecosystem where founders, experts, mentors, and tech pioneers amplify each other’s growth, forging a powerful and supportive community. Our real deal? Empowering people to turn wild ideas into killer businesses.

Shaping tomorrow’s tech landscape

Through our partnership with Fraunhofer HHI, we’re pioneering innovative solutions in deep tech. We bring expertise in venture building, ecosystem nurturing, and innovation support. Our team is passionate about building winning startups and bolstering institutional innovation.

Amplify your institution’s impact on the innovation ecosystem, solidify your position as a thought leader, and unlock opportunities for co-creation.



Discover how our exceptional support for founders shapes the future of innovation in deep tech.


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