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We’ve been building a community for over a decade. Haus is how we’re giving everyone access to harness the power of our network through mentorship, events and content.


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Hand-picked experts invested in your success. 

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Launching in 2023

Who built Haus?

At Silicon Allee, we’re a team of entrepreneurs and investors ourselves, we know the value of our network and we’re with you on your journey to building a thriving business. Our network is your network.

Travis Todd

Co-founder of Silicon Allee, angel investor and serial entrepreneur

Sophie Webber

Product Lead, previously built community and membership for founders

Vitória Dias

Events & Community Lead, co-founder of co-working space in Brazil and previous creative economy mentor

Grace Williams

Marketing & Comms Lead, previously brand and marketing consulting, agency & brand-side

Kadi-Ingrid Lilles

Investor & Founder Relations, Venture Capital Fellow

Florin-Catalin Chici

International programs, previous co-founder and events manager

Who can join?

Similar to our Silicon Allee community, anyone from the tech and startup scene is welcome to join Haus. Our goal is to bring our different communities together and give access to everyone. Our community includes:


Early-stage Founders, Successful Founders, Entrepreneurs


Angel Investors, Fund Managers, VCs and LPs


Innovators within companies focused on new products or strategies

Haus Perks

Take a look at some of the perks of becoming a Haus member…

Silicon Allee credit card for founders

Access your free credit line of up to €200k with limitless cards and stay flexible with a monthly termination policy.

Customized financial consulting

Create capacity for your startup with support in all financial matters, from planning and accounting to reporting.

Legal clarity for startups

Self-discover and solve your legal challenges (e.g. contracts, data privacy, licensing and regulatory issues), and connect to the right legal services.