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For Founders

We are here to help you connect, grow and build impactful businesses with access to funding, mentorship, and world-class advice.

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For Investors

Berlin is the hotbed of venture capital investment in Europe. Let us connect you to co-investors, LPs, deal flow and fund management tips.

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For Governments

We believe governments can and should drive innovation. Get access to proven programs to drive innovation-based economic development.

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Our community made for and by founders and investors.

Access educational content produced by successful founders and experts to help your company or VC fund grow and thrive. Connect with a network of international peers building alongside you.


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Our transatlantic investor network connecting US LPs to Berlin VC funds, providing education, insights and networking opportunities.


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Our custom soft-landing program for tech startups and scale-ups expanding to Germany and Europe, providing market insights, customer and investor match-making.


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Our network is your network. Learn about the team and history behind Silicon Allee.


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We’ve been running events for the tech and startup community for over a decade to connect and grow our community in Berlin and beyond.

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