We believe governments can and should drive innovation.


We have worked with local, national and international governments to foster their startup ecosystems through early-stage entrepreneurship and scaleup soft-landing programs. We’ve helped big and small companies expand to Europe.

The embassy to Berlin’s tech scene

Our team and community are here to jumpstart a company’s journey in Berlin. Whether that means starting up or expanding to Europe, we offer distinct programs backed by trusted governments to support founders and investors with access to the best innovators.


The earliest-stage incubation


Our Berlin Founders Fund is a one-of-a-kind fund, backed by the EU and City of Berlin, to provide non-equity investment to first time founders. We couple them with world-class advisors and investors. So far our portfolio has raised 30x what we invested and created hundreds of jobs.

We can help with…

Innovation Policy

Knowing the impact on the ground is crucial to policy development. We have worked with MEPs, MPs, and Congress to help shape innovation policy.

Soft-landing Programs

As the unofficial embassy for Berlin we help guide companies growing into Europe through our unique Residency program.

Investor Networks

We are building a worldwide community of investors passionate about funding early-stage companies. We are always looking for partners to expand our network.

Early-stage Incubation

The BFF is a uniquely successful model for driving local innovation and education of first time entrepreneurs. Ask us about bringing it to your community.

Economic Development Exchanges

We work with EDOs across the globe to build bridges for technology companies who are growing quickly.

Berlin is the gateway to Europe. We have the key.

Doing business in Germany and Europe often comes with unique cultural and business pains, frustrations and confusion.

Our Residency program offers comprehensive in-person and virtual training to help companies scaling outside their home markets to hit the ground running in Europe.

About Residency

Our Government and NGO Clients


A note about public tenders

We provide access to the highest-quality entrepreneurs and experts. So, If your RFP is heavily weighted to go to the lowest priced bidder, please look elsewhere. Your taxpayers want quality and results. You won’t get those with a discounted supplier. If you’re willing to rate highly-skilled people and real results over total budget, we would love to talk.